New day, more water

Flood scene in Minot, North Dakota

The current level in Minot (North Dakota) had jumped to 1557.08 in the last couple of hours.  Watching KX News we have seen a lot of garbage floating in the river.  There have also been reports of propane tanks that have been spotted in the river.

My apartment across from the University is starting to see the water creep near it.  The releases from Lake Darling is at 26,000 cfs.  Normally the water takes a day and a half to get to Minot (North Dakota), but at the speed the water is traveling the incereased water is expected to arrive in the Minot (North Dakota) area within 24 hours.

There has been a call out to all Minot (North Dakota) residents to stay at home today and off the streets so contractors can get the work of the seconday dikes done. At about 10 or 10:30 am I will be conducting an interview with KMOT about being displaced.

Today will be the day of massive water flowing through Minot.  I will keep you updated on important informaion as it happens

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